Is there a limit to the number of filters in the email server?

I have 11 filters set up and most of them is working well, but two of them just don’t work for some reason. I am wondering is there a limit to how many filters I can use at the same time?

(sorry for late reply on this. havent been checking forum regulary lately)
There isn’t really a limit, though there is a connection limit to 25 conenctions from the same ip at a time. One filter means one connection though if they are launched at the same time. It could be your issue isnt that and rather has something to do with the filter itself. Current Rainloop implementation of filters is not very good and some filters that contain multiple actions arent taken iunto consideration (only first action is). So this could be the rason. If you send us email to with details on your issues, we could check more in detail what the reason is.