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Hi everybody,

after Openmailbox changed everything I looked for a trustworthy new e-mail provider.

Great luck I found disroot. I’m really happy with it and so I would like to give (beside money) something back.

My question is, is there a way how I - as a non IT (consultant) - can support the project.

I want to support the open-source community-spirit, if there is a useful part to do.

Thanks in advance

(P.S: If this is a bad idea, because I can’t write software please don’t feel bad saying no. It is just an idea :slight_smile:

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for reminding me about this question on matrix.

Help is very much appreciated on a lot of levels, not necessarily related to IT.

  1. We are launching a new website called where we want to move all tutorials helping people use disroot services. Our idea is to cover every platform, every OS and all the services that we as disroot provide. It is very much welcome to submit additional howtos, proof-read the existing material or submit images, videos etc. The new system uses git (howto on that will follow) so it is easy to collaborate with multiple people. Those howtos could be then easily used by other projects using the same software which would benefit not only disroot but entire Open Source community.

  2. We hope for active community, that will help us answer common questions, and help troubleshooting issues other members of disroot community have. The more active people on forum, matrix, xmpp, diaspora etc the less work lays on our shoulders to help and troubleshoot issues that might have been already resolved by others (group learning and knowledge share is what we aim at)

  3. As always financial aid is very much welcome and needed. The more money we have the better infrastructure we can provide, which means we can host more users and provide better performance of the services. …and in the future, who knows we might be able to quit our jobs and devote 100% to disroot. (if every disroot user would buy us a ‘coffee’ each month all that could be achieved :sunglasses: )

At this moment we are working on an annual report and a framework that will help enable better community engagement and give better overview on state of things. This should be out within next weeks (I’ll post it here once its out), so stay tuned.

Thanks for showing interest in helping out.

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