Liberapay and extra storage

Can I donate money on Liberapay and receive additional storage? I know I can do it via this link ( but I’d like to donate on Liberapay.

You can donate from Liberapay, then you use the link to ask for the additional storage.
I just realized that Liberapay is missing from the dropdown menu. Just choose what ever you want and let us know in the comment that you’re using liberapay


Actually @meaz this is not correct. Librerapay is not included because it is against their TOS to offer reward for donation.
Additionally extra storage is not given for donation but there is a pricetag behind it and bill is sent over each month.

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What should I do then?

It would be better to choose one of the providers here: Donate
Thanks for your understanding :wink:

@kujaw if you are located in europe I think the cheapest way is bank transfer. If you are outside the things get complicated and fees of course are much higer. So I would suggest annual payment method for storage rather then monthly as the fees will be lower. Also since liberapay uses paypal, you could use just that.

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OK, so I could use Liberapay only if I didn’t ask for a reward. Wanted to do it there so that Disroot will move more to the top on their website.
In that case I will use another way of donating :slight_smile: