Light theme color for shared folder

When I share a folder I’ve noticed that guests (users without an account) will view this folder in the dark theme. Is there a way for guests to view the folder in the light theme?

There is for example very little contrast between the purple colors (used for link colors and icons) and the black background which is not good for readability. For my guests who are vision impaired I think this dark theme will definitely cause problems.

I’ve set my own account to the light theme but this apparently has no effect on its shared folders.

It would be great if there was a theme toggle switch, but if there is no switch I think the standard theme should be a light one which has good contrast for all users.

Hmmm just checked and I think it has to do with browser which sets theme on its own. Checked firefox which defaults to dark and chromium which defaults to light theme. I will check why is this and whether it’s been reported somewhere.

Thanks! I’ve tried it in Firefox and Safari and they’re both dark.

EDIT: I’ve discovered that my MacOS theme choice is causing this. When I set MacOS to light theme the folders are in light theme as well. I think this is ok as it depends on the user’s own setting.

thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.