Lingustics Skills?

With all the talk about documents and How-to’s, it suddenly hit me that I might actually not be all that useless! (Yay!) I have a background in linguistics (pure) and have long been working in the language teaching industry. I was wondering if such skills could be useful in refining the language of documentation with a view for making it clearer for non-tech types. This might also have benefits for those who have a decent level of English, but may not be really 100% comfortable in using it. I personally found Hubzilla a bit intense and it was very hard to explain it to a Japanese Disrooter. Hails!

Hi, genxer.
Sure, everything that helps to make easier or more understandable the howto’s info is really welcome.
You could visit us at our XMPP channel to chat about it if you want.
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Thank you.