Locale/Timezone not correct

Hi there,

I’m new to disroot and attempting to setup my account calendar/tasks. First off I’m a little confused whether the cloud platform questions should be posted here or the nextcloud forum…My issue is that I note that when I change the locale in the settings to the correct locale, the time below doesn’t seem to update, and this results in the calendar and tasks not tracking correctly to my time zone. I couldn’t seem to find any way to resolve it in the options or help file so figured someone here may have had the same issue?

I think its always good to post questions here so that we can try and see whether it can be resolved by us before bothering nextcloud community at large.
I did some quick look and it looks like the correct timezone is determent by your browser.

Do you get the correct result when checking via: https://pellepim.bitbucket.io/jstz/