Location and backup locations?


I’m running a company in the Netherlands.
Storing documents on the disroot server (27mb), I’m wandering if any backups or other data is stored elsewhere from Disroot?

Especially with the new customer data laws (I’ve heard) I’m wandering if there’s anything not stored on Disroot servers

Note: I’m personally only using nextcloud and email for the company

Thanks so much for creating disroot and turning it into a brilliant adversary against the big G

To which law in particular do you refer to?

All hardware used by Disroot is owned by us. We don’t use/rent VPSes or other cloud services.

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[Dutch] de Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG)
[English] General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

I might be wrong about any location prohibitions or added clauses.

This new legislation does not really apply to us (or shall i say we are quite complaint with it already). We do not precess nor collect any information about our users which is not uploaded by users themselfs. We do not collect, sell, transfer any additional information such as phone numbers, additional emails, addresses etc. Users can put and store such information within their cloud app or other services we provide. For example add complete biography to their diaspora account, but that in any way is then processed other then clear function of it by the service (like in the example, biography put on diaspora if set to public can be viewed by anyone).

We also do not create profiles or serve advertisment.