Lookin for a kanban style planner board that doesn't cost you a fortune


I’m part of a group a people who are setting up an ecovillage in the Netherlands (https://www.wgwijland.com/). I’m committed to switch to Disroot Cloud with our project and move away from the data miners. And yes, we will buy you that fancy soy latte with a shot of expresso liqueur and cream on top of it :wink:

The only app I miss is a free (or cheapish) Kanban style planner board. I looked at ‘Taiga’ and ‘Deck’ from Nextcloud* but they are just too expensive for our group at the moment. Is there an alternative? We don’t need a super complex planner, just the basics.

Cheeerrs and keep up the good work!


*https://nextcloud.com/groupware/#pricing (Deck only comes in a 750 euro a year package it seems…)

Disroot hosts taiga -> https://disroot.org/en/services/project-board

I believe I answered your question in the support ticket you’ve sent prior. Though I will make a short answer here as well to make things clear for anyone else seeking answers.

I’m guessing you checked taiga.io. This is platform run and owned by team that develops taiga. However because taiga is an open source project, anyone can host it. And this is the case of disroot here. We are also hosting taiga on disroot under https://board.disroot.org Our instance grants unlimited (of course as long as its fair use) private and public projects. You can use your disroot credentials to login (username and not username@disroot.org). Every disroot user has access to it. That means you need to have disroot account to be part of the project and submit tickets, issues etc

We are internally also discussing possibility of adding a bit simplier project board directly into the cloud but that might take few weeks

Uau! it will be incredible to use Deck @muppeth

@chimera @wijland We have just enabled both circles and Deck. Deck is by default hidden so you need to go to the Personal settings > Additional settings and enable Deck in
App Order section (this is in order to not overwhelm users with amount of apps in default view).

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