Luf(Upload)i function question

Is it possible to have a file reside without an expiration?

I’m working on a Minecraft Overiewer configuration file template for folks to grab when beginning to use Overviewer and am looking for a spot where I can have it available without an expiration(expiry).

Thank you.


But you can create such file and share it with public link on the cloud. there you can decide on expiry, password fo the file etc.

Ok, thank you. I had tried through NextCloud and asked a person in Denmark who, kindly, tried to DL it. He received this.

Can’t read file

Can not read this file, probably this is a shared file. Please ask the file owner to reshare the file with you.

Would Nextcloud be expecting another Nextcloud user? Would there be a particular setting to allow it to be downloaded in the open?

I dont know what you did. Below is a link to the folder I shared using public link function: