Mail Configuration

What are the user mail client ports? Are the default webmail folders going to be configured?


Hi Hazarda.
Server setting details:

IMAP: | SSL Port 993 | Authentication: Normal Password
SMTP: | STARTTLS Port 587 | Authentication: Normal Password

We will be adding soe features to the email this weekend. Default mail folders are on the list.

Got to doing the default folders with my morning coffee :slight_smile: Good morning.

How about the POP3 server port?


it’s on the list of things we planned for this weekend.

Great. Let me know.


POP3 is enabled on port 995.
I will be writing summary of the weekend sprint when (if) I’m done with all the things that are still left over.

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Thunderbird is failing to find these settings. I’ve tried most variations of server names, like, etc, but still no-go.


Did you try just

We will fix up autoconfig detection for mail clients in upcomming sprint. (withing next three weeks)

Yeah, I did. This is strange, because after TB failing to configure the account and connection, it just received mail from that account.

Huh? What? :confused:

I’ll have to go through this again and see what’s going on. I’ve been configuring accounts on TB for over ten years and have never seen this particular weird behavior. The only thing I can think is that for whatever reason, access to the mail server wasn’t possible at the time I was trying to test it.

indeed weird. I’m using thunderbird for my disroot account all the time and today besides of reloading postfix few times (no longer downtime then 1sec at the time) there was no significant downtime, and I’ve been using the mail a lot today as well.

It’s working – it’s just that something in it baffles Thunderbird’s setup wizard. Who knows?

No, I was right the first time; it does show the originating IP:

Received: from [] (unknown [])

jepp, it works fine on thunderbird for me too

You were right. My bad. I fixed it. Postfix should be removing sensitive information regarding mail client and ip form the header now.
Please check to confirm.
Thanks for spotting.

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It’s clean. Thanks for your efforts!

As to the original problem with the Thunderbird new account wizard, I’ve noticed that a number of functions do not work on my system as they did prior to the last Thunderbird update. I suspect this is more of the same.