Mail on IOS [solved]

I’m an android user but have switched to IOS so please forgive this silly question.

I’m on IOS v 14.6 (latest??) and I cant figure out why I’m not able to add my disroot email. The instructions here do not work. It just says that is not responding, I click okay then save and go look at the advance options.

I know these are the settings I should use (Because they work fine on Android and Thunderbird on Fedora)

IMAP: | SSL Port 993 | Authentication: Normal Password
SMTP: | STARTTLS Port 587 | Authentication: Normal Password
SMTPS: | TLS Port 465 | Authentication: Normal Password
POP: | SSL Port 995 | Authentication: Normal Password

so I go into Mail → accounts → Disroot → Account → Advanced

It’s no SSL on port 143. I turn on SSL and it changes port to 993 automagically. I go back, hit done and it just says “Verifying” for ages. If I do this enough on my wifi I’m pretty sure my public IP gets banned for awhile and It’s impossible to keep testing.

username and password are correct I’ll paste the username into rainloop and the mail settings, then the password, login to rainloop just fine and then try the mail app stuff and it fails.

same wifi as my laptop and ncat says the ports (993, 465) are open so I have no idea.

any suggestions?

Turns out I NEED the in my username.

Android k9mail, Linux Thunderbird, WebUI I just did username without the Apple for some reason needs it.