Hello, all. For the sake of curiosity, use this thread to discuss any and all thoughts, facts, opinions, etc. about Mastodon, the decentralized and federated Twitter-like service.

I like the service and am on an instance based out of France. I believe Disroot hosting an instance would be a very good thing. I know I’d move to it.


I love Mastodon. The art community is very vibrant and supportive there.

I too think Masto is great, it’s pretty much what Dispora is to Facebook although I hope it gets to be more popular!
Not sure how I feel about the potential of 1000s of distinct, albeit potentially federated Masto instances popping up everywhere, or whether there should be an instance for Disroot or not. I opened a few Masto accounts but just end up using my account…what that says about me or Masto IDK…But yeah, I’m in!

[Edit] I just noticed the Disroot Mastodon account over on (looks like a great service!) so maybe that is a good “place to hang out” rather than spinning up yet another instance of Masto…

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I really like it and have been on (run by Angristan) for some time. It is a great community with some really interesting people. The Mastodon Art instance is also awesome, run by Curator. I would agree that such good instances already exist, Disroot perhaps does not need to re-invent the wheel. This is especially so with DisHub up and running. With DisHub, the ability to have different channels and follow accounts on Mastodon has made me think about closing my Mastodon accounts. Just thinking…

I know the admins will be busy with the influx of people coming from G+ to Diaspora* but just to +1 the suggestion of a Disroot Mastodon instance :slight_smile:

Hi there.

We have no intention to run mastodon instance so sorry to disapoint. For past few months, together with other disrooters we are working on what we believe the next gen. social network called Hubzilla. We’ve setup an instance and we are working towards making it easy to use and looking nice. Few weeks back @massimiliano has developed a mobile app for it and additionally poeple were busy writing tutorials, testing the platform and creating a nice theme.
So what hubzilla has to offer that others dont?

  • nomadic identity (so you are not tight to a server and can migrate accounts or run backups on number of servers in parralel)
  • federation with diaspora and friendica
  • federation with mastodon and other activitypub networks
  • groups / communities
  • forums
  • chat
  • file sharing
  • end to end crypto
  • private messages
  • api
  • events
  • multiple profiles
  • lots of privacy features where you decide who can see or interact with content
    … .and more

We are still learning the platform and still didnt decide on total shape or form (big instance or number of small islands etc), but so far it looks very promising.
So instead of running diaspora, mastodon, pixelfed, pleroma etc we would just run one hubzilla :smiley:


I’ve really enjoyed it; I’m a member of, a cooperatively run mastodon instance and generally like the way it lets you find good people to follow without an algorithm picking what you should see for you. I also appreciate the fact that it’s explicitly a co-op.

And now the adventure is over :sob:

Masto is very useful and good service ( Even better than twitter ) and, i’m also using it actively. ( we can follow each other huh ? :grin: ) but, i also want to use an privacy friendly Reddit alternative, you guys know something like this ?

Been using Mastodon for around 2+ years, its a wonderful service, the community is great, the apps are amazing (especially Fedilab), and most of all, the interface is simple, clean and nice. :+1:

Is lemmy.lm federated Reddit alternative ? There is still active or not ?

take a look…

Okay, thanks for answering me :+1: