- Fresh aproach to decentralized, federated Instant Messeging

Hi guys. For last week we’ve been testing the new kid in the block called

We have a disroot matrix server up and running, where you can login with your disroot account as well as create matrix only account. There is a web client called “riot” running at: and there are mobile clients (riot) available for both iOS, Windows Phone and android ( via fdroid recommended).

We’re still exploring the possibilities. So far this is what is tested and currently available:

  • IRC bridge - You can join any IRC room hosted on various networks (eg. freenode)
  • IRC/SLACK Integration - you can integrate existing IRC/SLACK room into your matrix room
  • end-to-end encryption - works on both private chats and chatrooms.
  • Video/Audio calling - peer2peer calling in single chat using WebRTC
  • Video/Audio conferencing - works only on unencrypted chatrooms, routed through Freeswitch server
  • Public Room browser - (webclient only) (experimental) you can browse through public rooms available on Soon, we’ll add more servers and hopefully this feature will get more stable.

What are we currently working on:

  • We are exploring possibilites to add bridges to enable cross communication between people using different protocols (xmpp, telegram, etc).
  • Write complete howto for newcommers where we explain how matrix works, what are it’s features and how to use it (help needed).

When this will be publicly available?

As you could read above, you can use it already. To have it officially public, first we want to gather some more feedback, we want to write an announcement and prepare the site with all information regarding new service. Apart form that we need to prepare few more things server side to ensure the service is running stable.

So feel free to check it out, and give us your feedback, either by replying to this topic or directly on our matrix channel at:


Interesting, recent presentation, explaining the philosophy behind it, current status, small demo, and info about future works. Quite inspiring imo:


The whole idea is revolutionary! It will completely change the way we interact online! I love this project! :heart_eyes:

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We’ve just managed to bridge XMPP MUC ( with our matrix channel. It’s still rough on the edges and needs quite some work to match IRC bridge quality but does the job which is already awesome.

Atm any xmpp muc bridges will need to be requested with disroot admins as there is no way to do it via matrix app.

Here’s a tutorial on “How to Riot” posted by maxigaz

And here’s the source:

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I love it. It’s great man!

This forum doesn’t seem very active and now I am seeing a warning about bumbing 938 days old discussion. In case I cause a new reader to appear,

Anyway I wanted to ask what are the current resource usages of Synapse and Prosody? I am being asked why I don’t simply setup a Synapse and matrix-appservice-irc if I don’t want to give my freenode password to and I think the numbers would make it more clear that I don’t have resources on a 10.72 €/year VPS.