Microsoft is treating emails from disroot as spam

This issue was noted on 16 October, and I’m still finding that my emails to Microsoft-owned platforms (outlook, live, hotmail) are being sent to the recipients’ spam folder.

Is there any update on this, or likely resolution? I understand that the solution must likely come from Microsoft :frowning: Very very frustrating and annoying.


Hi @mbs2 No news from Microsoft after we’ve send them the last email on 10th October. Just started ignoring us without giving any reasoning as to why our emails are landing in SPAM.

We will continue to try to contact them, but so far we have jumped through all the hoops they require others to do. As far a swe know this is not only disroot’s problem as many other email servers are treated the same way without a clear reasoning. You know Microsoft.

Thanks for the update. I guess we’ll just have to put up with it and hope that recipients regularly check their junk folder!

You could ask your recipients to put your email address in their whitelist if applicable ? And wondering whether the email headers of the received emails show any clues about why those went into the spam folder.

Headers dont point to anything specific. There is some microsofts specific codes but when asked (and not only by me but there is even a github thread on this) what do they mean, Microsoft staff either does not know themself of don’t want to share this information so yeah. Noone knows, and noone wants to look into it on M$ side.
I have created new ticket, hopefully it will be answered by someone more competent and willing to resolve it.

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