[minor] K-9 Mail Hostname in Certificate didn't match <pop3disroot.org>

Hi :relaxed:
hostname certifictae didn’t match
I whent ahead nevertheless while setting up my account with K-9Mail and all is fine :sunglasses:

hostname in certificate didn’t match:
pop3 disroot org
Issuer: CN=Let’s Encrypt
Authority X3, 0=Let’s Encrypt, C=US
Fingerprint (SHA-1):
Certificate chain[1]
Subject:CN=Let’s Encrypt Authority X3, 0=Let’s Encrypt, C=US
Issuer: CN=DST Root CA X3, 0=Digital Signature Trust Co.
Fingerprint (SHA-1):

This is because you are not reading carefully.
As stated on the page: https://disroot.org/en/services/email and in the k9 howto: https://howto.disroot.org/en/email/email-clients/mobile/androidk9 the URL that you should put is not K9’s default imap.disroot.org that K9 tries to wrongly guess, but just disroot.org

If you just accepted a wrong certificate without checking its a very bad decission as it indicates that if your device / account would be under attack you would also accept it. Not good.

Thanks muppeth :relaxed:
OK i’ll rectify that, i’m more used to Sylpheed/Icedove than K-9 :wink:

We’ve just had this conversation with some people yesterday on the chat (thats because we just renewed certificates so the topic keeps coming back on that occasion). The bad thing is that all email clients instead of querying the server for details in unified way (like what thunderbird does) instead try to ‘guess’ the defaults. In our case (we will change that behaviour in coming days) since most of the domains point to the same IP address, even when you put wrong domain address such as (imap.disroot.org, mail.disroot.org or mx.disroot.org) it will work, however because of the fact so many people blindly accept failed certificates, we will rather prevent possibility to add wrong/non-existing imap address which will result in error rather then warning.

The Documentation is very good, my error i hadn’t looked it up, the fact & that K-9 put’s POP3/SMTP before disroot.org.
Thanks for your insights & help muppeth:smile: