Mirrors for Redox OS, Kolibri OS and Haiku OS

I have setup some mirrors for Redox OS, Kolibri OS, Haiku OS and Plan 9 OS.

Here are the links:

https://haiku.carteronline.net Haiku OS
https://kolibri.carteronline.net Kolibri OS
https://redox.carteronline.net Redox OS
https://plan9.carteronline.net/ Plan 9

Give it a day before using these to make sure everything is sorted out.

Plan 9 mirror is now up: https://plan9.carteronline.net/

Hi @deavmi,

unfortunately I get a “connection timed out” error when I try to visit them.
I happen to use Haiku, Kolibri, and Plan9! (now I will have to try out reddox OS)
can you describe what you are mirroring?