Most search providers listed as "not supported" in Disroot Searx instance


I’ve been trying out Disroot’s Searx instance at, and I’ve set my preferred language to en-US.

Under the list of general search engines in the preferences page, I see that a lot of search providers are shown as “not supported” under the “Selected language” column. This includes “big” providers such as Startpage, Reddit, or Gigablast. (btw, I see that Google is listed as “supported”, but I prefer to not enable it unless absolutely necessary) Ones that do work include Duckduckgo, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, and just a couple of others.

Which language should I set in preferences (or is it something else entirely?) so that I can fully access Startpage, etc. when using Disroot’s Searx instance? Thank you!

Hi Google blocks currently most of the searx instances out there so enabling it wont help much.
I did some fast check and even though listed as not supported I get results from Reddit. I havent check Startpage, but will have a look later this week (test, tweak settings if needed).

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Thank you for looking into this @muppeth!

BTW, none of my search results include anything from Bing, not sure why. Right now, almost (95+%) all results I see are from Duckduckgo or Yahoo…

Anyway, if we exclude Google (which, as you say, doesn’t work), then I hope a nice variety of other search engines can all be used such as (but not limited to), Bing, Qwant, Startpage, Duckduckgo, Gigablast, Yahoo, etc.