multimedia hosting as suggest for disroot feature

many people uses services such youtube to share videos, soundcloud to share audio and photobucket to share photos, but there are free alternatives to replace these media sharing sites. here a link to find free software to media hosting

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That would cool. Something like mediagoblin or mediahost would be nice so that people have a place to post their videos and can link here where there’s free software rather than somewhere proprietary like youtube,

Sorry for late reply.

We would love to and have always an eye on mediagoblin especially for it’s federation capabilities. However for now we are not planning on adding such service for a very simple reason. Hosting a youtube/thumblr alternative needs a lot of resources. This in turn means real money. At this moment Disroot’s finacial state does not allow in such an investment :frowning:
We do see it as an important addition, but unless someone throws (and keeps throwing) bags of money in our direction, it won’t happen any time soon.

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