mumble, plumble!

In light of current world events, the following was released by

…continuing the discussion from education everywhere:

as a new startup foundation we both acknowledge and support this practise

  • “it is our aim, that through our free, libre and open works we are better able to actively encourage others to do the same.”

you can now find our informal chat room located on and we will soon be opening up our wiki too,

our source will be stored HERE

ALL our published materials, documentation and other related media are provided under an Educational Community License ECL-2.0

A great HOWTO for using Mumble is supplied by the Disroot community

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Nice, considering adding this plugin, which will integrate Mumble directly into this forum.

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Not sure what would be the purpose of such plugin here, specially for disroot related stuff.

I will check around the private groups if such feature would be useful for them.

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