Need an invitation for 'RiseUp'

Hello fellas, I’m just going out on the internet and trying to get connected with the communities who respects privacy and digital freedom, as I came across ‘RiseUp’, I learned that, I need an invite to join the community, so is there anyone who could elucidate about that community and get me an invite? Cheers!

This is for sure not a way to get it. The whole point of riseup invite is to create web of trust. Noone will give invite code to someone they dont know (or at least they shouldnt). Otherwise you defeat the whole purpose of having the codes.

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Well, thanks for the reply in the first place. I’m pretty new to these sort of philosophies, I want to know more about 'em, what’s the best way to get involved?

I could recommend our community xmpp chat at or if you have a disroot account directly via webchat

There is plenty of folks hanging out there so you could engage in discussions, ask questions etc. If you dont have a disroot account yet, you could also consider getting one to test it out.

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Thanks muppeth