Need an invite code for riseup

you can see my help request in riseup in below link:

the customer’s support gave me this site link.
please read it and if you think you or anybody else you know can help me by sending an invite code for me I’ll be thankful.

Any help?

@antipunisher Which services do you want to use? I have a riseup acccount and can send you an invite but I simply can’t hand it over to anyone, if your account gets misused then mine will be banned.

I’ll list out other options that you can use. I didn’t really read the whole thread, let me know if your needs are different.

E-Mail (Services that respect your privacy)


All of the services mentioned above expect tutanota and protonmail do run an XMPP service. You can use that with e2ee.


Proton VPN has a free tier.
Autistici/Inventati also provides VPN service but you have to import the config every 7 days (to prevent overuse).

If you still insist on Riseup account them letme know, FYI Riseup Black doesn’t require invite codes. I myself don’t use Riseup Red except for E_mail and XMPP (alternatives mentioned above). You can use Riseup Black for VPN, you have to get the Bitmask application for it. Riseup Red’s VPN is routed through USA.

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Just try its free! :slight_smile:

No one will give an invite code to some one without knowing the person in real life, or no one should at least …

Maybe disroot should require vouches too. For now it gives quite a few of the services that riseup does with no need of an invite

There are places to look for cool services providers here…