Need help with reducing spam in inbox

Been using Disroot as my primary email for a while and spam hasn’t been an issue until recently. The amount of spam I get in my inbox is tens of emails in a day. I poked around to see if there was some kind of a spam filter and found that it wasn’t turned on so I did that but I’m still getting a significant amount through that isn’t properly marked as spam. Is there any way to help teach the filter since it seems that the filter isn’t working as it’s supposed to.

@muppeth mentioned 3 years ago that there is some kind of opt-in ’program’ you can join to help with that. I’m not sure if that’s a thing still but I’d like to join that if possible. Link to the original thread:

As for what can be done to alleviate this in the short term. Any idea how I could help with reducing the spam until the filter learns to do its job? Are there any possibilities to add custom filters and if so, how? Any kind of pointers would be welcome.


Are spammy messages marked as “[Spam Warning]” in the topic? We recently loosen up some of the settings to prevent some of the emails that would normally get rejected. The idea was that instead of straight rejecting, mark them as spam instead.

No, that was the case before and that’s when I realised the filter wasn’t working. I fixed it by turning on the sieve filter. After that I’ve been getting mail that don’t have that in front. I did start moving mail into the spam box now to clean my inbox and see if the filter would start to pick on similar.

As immediate measures to alleviate the spam, I did come up with a few. I just checked the header files of some of the mail that arrived and some of them had the spam tag but weren’t flagged cause the score was lower than 6. I also noticed some that weren’t detected by the spam filter at all though so it seems some of them still leak through. Some of these did fail to pass through the domainkeys authentication, however so they could be filtered that way. With these I added the following extra filters:

Header X-Spam-Level Contains: ****
Header Authentication-Results Contains: domainkeys=fail

I suppose there’s a chance I might get more false positives this way.

EDIT: I think I will try moving the emails with these filters to a separate folder to test before moving them to spam. Does all the mail you move to spam get marked as such and would this risk increasing false positives then?

Thanks for the feedback. One of the things planned to be rolled coming days is adding more filters that will do additional scoring for failed dkim, dmarc as well as spf and rbl so things should improve. The result of bigger amount of spam hitting our server lately is the fact we have removed rbl blacklisting and greylisting. The second one was causing delays in email delivery, especially things like password reset or auth tokens, which was quite annoying for some people and impossible (due to global scope we provide service to) to whitelist every possible bank, or service out there.

If you keep putting emails to Junk folder, we can pull them out and use to teach our spam filtering. Getting the system rebuild is planned to be finalized before the end of the month so if things go in good direction, things should be up and running (including the opt-in spam scanning program) within next two weeks or so.

Glad to hear things are chugging along! I did notice the delay before and was wondering what was going on there but glad things are being done to help solve that as well. I will observe how my custom filters work and that should hopefully reduce the amount of spam in my inbox for the time being until the filtering on server side gets improved and this new opt-in program becomes available. When that happens, I will gladly join the program if it may help improve the service.

I should do fine with these custom filters for the time being but I will report here if theres anything to note. Thanks for the help and swift answers. Keep up the good work! :grinning: :+1:

Can we then “plunder” your Junk folder to examine what does not get marked as spam to adjust filters while we are rolling things out?

As from today, almost all of my incoming email is ending up in the junk/spam folder. So I guess that something drastic has changed.

Before I had almost no spam and nothing classed as spam/junk.
So if this is the result of tuning, it is pretty hopelss just now.

I have not opted into anything, but I did move a single spam message into my junk folder a day or so ago after reading this thread.
I am not sure whether that could have triggered some new scanning?

Just to be clear, the messages going into the junk folder are all legitimate.