New private group in forum

I take part in a small new marxist group in Argentina and we’re interested in having a private forum in order to realize internal debates using Internet, when we’re not reunited to share information and many others activities. I’ve seen what offer with Distalk groups and by knowing the great job you do regarding privacy of users this is why we though that it’s going to be very useful. Nevertheless, we would like to make some questions:
:small_blue_diamond: Is it necessary for us to make a periodical donation to use the forum this way?
:small_blue_diamond: How much storage is it available for files and pictures?
:small_blue_diamond:We saw that the creation of the group must be done by the administrators of the group when the group is already closed would you explain the way that new people can be added?
I send you a message to the support mail and and I have no answer, probably you were too busy.
We really admire your work, thanks in advance for your reply.
Hopping hearing from you soon.

PS. Sorry if it’s not the right category.

In order to get started, you should send email to with short explanation on what type of group are you, what is the intention of that forum/mailinglist, how many users (approx), whether its meant to be public or private etc. We will then contact you for further details, questions, information etc. Creation and management of such groups is not automatic and needs to be done and approved by disroot admins.

Also see if you are looking for mailing lists.