New user can't log in to diaspora*

I am very excited to join the Disroot community as I put google and facebook in my rear view. I’m just getting set up, and I could use some guidance.

When I navigate to and enter the username and pw I use to log in to my Disroot email I get the following error: Invalid username or password.

Is there something different about logging in to Diaspora*? I know I had to create an account just to be on the forum, but I had the option of creating the account using my Disroot account. There isn’t that option on the Diaspora* site.

There is a * on the Diaspora for a reason and that was listed in the main page of the website to describe the * about Diaspora. There are constraints that prevent Disroot from making it possible to create and login a diaspora account conveniently using Disroot credentials.

Because of this, you effectively have to create your own Diaspora account from their own website and use your Disroot email address in the process.

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Thanks! Any idea who signups are closed or when they will be reopened?

Hi. Cannot give proper ETA on this one. For sure not in next two weeks time as we have already decided what we will be focusing on on that time. That said, given the diaspora is a federated protocol, there is plenty of other instances (pods) to choose from.

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Thanks, guys! I’m in!

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