News feeds not updating

News feeds are not updating in either Cloud or Android apps. It’s been like this for a couple of days, so may not be related to yesterday’s system maintenance. Yes, I checked the Status page before posting this :slight_smile:

This is not urgent but could you please investigate?


Sorry for that.

For last days we have quite some issues with nextcloud and the general server load. We therefor tend to stop nextcloud news updater to lower the impact. We hope in the coming days we will finally find the reason and everything will go back to normality

No worries. Good luck with system maintenance!


Ss for your other request, we havent forgot, just got pushed a bit down the priority list. Sorry…

Can this kind of information be shared on the status page?
Perhaps just showing that Nextcloud News app has isses?

Yeah good idea. Atm it is updating, the next time we put it out, I’ll update the status page.