Nextcloud 23?

Disroot uses Nextcloud 21 at the moment, is there an ETA for Nextcloud 23? Will we get 22 before and then 23 or directly 23? I didn’t follow how Disroot updated Nextcloud before so I don’t know how much close is to upstream releases. I’m interested in Nextcloud 23 because of native Solid support that would let me use my Disroot storage in third party apps.


disroot is still running Nextcloud 21 which has reached end-of-life by now. Therefore there will be no more security fixes.
Are there plans to update to current version?

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When will Nextcloud being updated to version 23 or 24? The current version is 22.2.7 and the 22-Release will be EOL in July 2022.

We are behind the schedule with nextcloud but thats due to some old unresolve issues with it that were preventing us to move forward. Hopefully those will be resolved this week and will enable us to push to version 23 soon. As soon as we have the new servers deployed (we just purchased new hardware and are about to start setting it up), probably around september (after summer break) we will be able to keep things more up to date on nextcloud’s front.

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Okay, cool.