Nextcloud client disconnected from Disroot


Today I can not connect to Disroot via Nextcloud 2.5 client on Windows and Linux. The status says “Nextcloud: Disconnected from”. I also tried logout/login but still am not able to connect even if the status of your services are green (except Nextcloud Circles - I’m not using that). But the android app is working as expected - I can upload and download files withour problems. Also login via web services also works without problem.

And Nextcloud client is working OK with my local server.

Is there something else I could check regarding this issue or is there a problem on your side?

It seems like this is still related to end to end encryption module that breaks the client:

We have just enabled it back again as we thought it should work as expected, but seems like this is not the case. We will therefor disable end to end encryption until this issue is solved.

Thanks for this info, it’s working now.