Nextcloud email services

I have been using Disroot services for a while now, althou I liked it since the beginning,
it took me a while to figure out the reazon why. It uses Nextcloud, and so Disroot was my introduccion to Nextcloud,

Later on, I created an accound on /e/, now more easily named Murena, and I was happy to find another service using Nextcloud.

Since then, I have been looking for more webmail providers that use Nexcloud, but I have not found any, I mean, services that include a webmail.

And so I want to ask for people to share here, or on a dedicaded thread, for any webmail provider using Nextcloud, and I do not mean to diminish Disroot, but it would be nice to at least be aware of other Nexcloud instances if anyone needs to use one at some point.