NextCloud Issue Syncing

Hello and thanks for this great service!

In terms of NextCloud I’ve got it setup, however it doesn’t reliably sync files. I keep getting errors - usually when attempting to copy large files (under the limit of size). The latest was a 2.1GB encrypted file. The only log entry that seemed relevant is this:

Window manager warning: Invalid WM_TRANSIENT_FOR window 0x2000008 specified for 0x200001d (Nextcloud).
I don’t think it’s a local issue, but perhaps what the window manager receives from the server side, but I’m willing to be proved wrong. :wink:

Any suggestions? Is there a limit for us new users in terms of size of individual files, or is this something else?

No there is no limit for new users. We are all equal here. However there is file upload limit of 1GB per file so you can’t upload anything bigger then that.

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Ah I see OK. From my desktop file mangler, I’m getting local errors from apparmor, so I’ll deal with that.

Thanks for the file size hint. Still getting an error when copying many small files in a directory, so I’ll dig into that next. Appreciate the input.

last days we are experiencing some performance hit which might be the cause of errors/timeouts when uploading files. We are looking into it parallel to testing new nextcloud upgrade. We hope to tackle the issue soon to restore the performance asap.

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