Nextcloud -- issues adding Federated share

Hi, I’m attempting to connect with a remove, federated user. I received a Notification about the remote share and accepted it.

You received a new remote share xxxx from xxxx@

is now listed in the Activity app and xxxx folder is now displayed as shared in the Files app, with size listed as Pending. When I attempt to open the shared folder I see:

The remote admin has added me as a Trusted Server, but it seems I cannot do the same as a basic Disroot user. Thanks for reading, and any help appreciated.

Edit: I receive the same directory is unavailable error when I try to share any of my folders to a federated ID using the share option, rather than email one, which does show up as seen in the screencap below…

Thanks for reporting. Could you contact us at so we can check it with the ‘real’ data to see whats up?

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