Nextcloud News bad

Nextcloud News has been janky for months (not your fault, I think, it’s just the software). Awhile back it went down when the developer had to fix a major issue. When it came back it never worked right for me. It takes forever to load feeds. Importing OPMLs takes a long time, throws errors, and not everything gets imported. Folders are ignored during import. After import, when I select a feed it takes a long time, then just gives up and shows me the main page with all my feeds. I can’t add feeds to folders.

tl;dr Most of Nextcloud News functionality is unusable. I can only read articles by selecting them from the main page.

Sorry to complain. Would the Disroot admins consider adding a new RSS service to, such as Tiny Tiny RSS? But if that’d take a lot of effort I’ll deal with News (or probably just use a local reader on all my devices).

Thank you for your time and all your work.

Hi there;

Some Rss clients, have the choice to grab the OMPL from a cloud, so;
maybe keep your OMPL file in Disroot cloud, and have your devices use the same file?


Yeah I’m aware of the issue. News is also what brings cloud down approx.twice a day for few minutes.
I havent gotten time to look into it but as this drags in it causes more issues so I need to prioritize on this one and allocate some time this week.

Hopefulyl things will get back to normal soon. Sorry for the crap performance though.


Ain’t your fault. Thank you for all you do.