Nextcloud News - inconsistent read flag

In recent weeks I’ve noticed inconsistent Read/Unread behaviour with the Nextcloud Newsreader (Web) and the Android client (Nextcloud News News items marked as Read during one session will appear as Unread next time. Newsfeeds sometimes return hundreds of “new” articles that can go back several years, even though all have previously been read.

I cannot find any consistency in this behaviour. If articles from a feed are marked as Read up to today (say), then a subset of those same articles may or may not appear as Unread tomorrow. I affects different feeds at different times and to different degrees. Very puzzling.

I wondered if it was caused by my changing Android client from OCReader to Nextcloud News because this behaviour started around the same time. However, I notice the same behaviour when using the Nextcloud Web app, so this makes me wonder if it is a server rather than client setting.

It’s more of an annoyance than a major problem, but can you offer a solution?


Thanks for the feedback. The issues you observe are du to our somehow crippled (not polished) way of dealing with un-removed feeds. Becasue of users tendency to litter we ended up with ton of news feeds that provide millions of items (we would grow about 1 million new feed items a week :dizzy_face: ). Specially that over 99% of those were never read by people which means never removed from the database. To fight it, we did some dirty hacks but seems like side effects are inconsistency in feeds for some people (rather some feeds).

Good to hear the feedback because it will help us polish the feed removal procedure so that anomalies like that won’t happen. If you don’t mind us looking in your feed list to have better understanding what is happening with them on daily basis (when cleanup and update feed scripts kick in) for few days it would help us a lot. No pressure though.

No worries. There’s nothing particularly startling in my newsfeed so go ahead. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking into this.

Great. Thanks. We’ll use this thread to keep everyone updated about the situation.