Nextcloud News JSON error

I wanted to try Nextcloud News using my Disroot account but as far as I could tell there’s no web interface. So I tried to sign in with Newsflash on desktop and News on android. But when I try to sign in on either I seem to get some error related to some JSON text.

Here’s what I see on Newsflash:

And here’s what I see on android:

Did I misconfigure something or is this an issue with Nextcloud? Any help is appreciated.

We do not provide Nextcloud News app this is why you are getting an error.

I see. I should have searched for Nextcloud News related threads before making this post but for some reason I only searched for JSON errors specifically. It seems like it was removed because there were many issues? Are there plans to host an alternative like FreshRSS? Thanks.

We removed the service because people tend to just add hudreds of RSS feeds and never read them. Discontinuing RSS service | Disroot
We are currently not planning to provide rss service. There is plenty of native offline readers out there and export/import of your lists is a standard and an easy process also.

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