No response


Is anyone around…?

Recently made a payment to upgrade account. No reply from three support requests, only bot reply so the mail is hitting a server somewhere.

Can I get a response to the payment with either “yes we have it and dealing with it” or “go away… “ anything really to let me know what’s happened…


Hi, D.
I sent you an email just a few minutes ago. We’re checking it. Sorry for the late reply.

Hi there,

Unfortunately we don’t have measures in place to respond immediately on received transactions. We are all volunteers doing the best we can, so sometime it takes longer then a day to react to requests or mails. We are following all the support channel though so no need to use them all simultaneously.


Understood and take on board that all are volunteers etc. So appreciate that there will be delays, no problem. However if people are making donations or paying for expanded services maybe it would be a good idea to implement a better way of acknowledging and that it will be dealt with ASAP etc. When paying money out its the silence that bothers me not the time taken.

Just saying

Thanks all the same