Once Downloaded to Thunderbird, Emails on Server Gone

I have noticed that when my Thunderbird, set to POP, downloads emails from this account, they are removed off the server. They are not in the archives folder, like it is for Gmail (email is downloaded locally, and server copy moved into archives).

From the longtime users of this email service, have you seen if this is a protocol issue with Disroot and Thunderbird that can not be resolved, or am I missing a setting somewhere else to make emails stay on Disroot’s server in the archives folder, once I have them downloaded locally?

I also noticed that my D-mail shows 1% usage, but I see no emails in any folder.


Hi! I have a similar setup (I use pop to download mail but I leave messages on the server for the next 2 days). I don’t use Thunderbird though;)
Pop is a protocol designed for downloading messages locally. If you want to leave messages on the server you have to tell them: in Thunderbird go to “account settings” and then to “Server settings”. Here you find the option to check: “leave messagges on server” and then you can indicate how long to leave them.

Cheers l3o:)

Mine is already set to leave on server. The settings in Thunderbird for this Disroot email matches exactly everything, but server names, like my Gmails.