Online bookmarking tool - Unmark

I always struggle to keep my bookmarks in sync and the only service that I use to provide this is the google account bookmark sync which I am trying to get rid of. Perhaps a good extra tool to have is Unmark:, it is open source and can be self-hosted.

Funny as we were just talking about it few days ago. If we are going to provide bookmark app it will most probably be this one: We’ll test it in comming weeks and announce the link to test instance in this topic, so you could join and give your feedback.

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Sounds good, thanks :slight_smile:

We have enabled the bookmark app for testing. If you would like to help us evaluate it please log to our test instance and go to to add your favs.

You can also install an extension for your browser from Follow the installation instruction there below.

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Nice feature.
I only tested it with Firefox (Windows) so far. I am curious to see how well it works on an iPad.

Any news on this? Since the test instance seems to be down.

Hi @hapoofesgeli
There hasn’t been much interest in bookmark app so we havent add it to our cloud yet. We were also awaiting that feature to be solved first. Some people were already compain about the amount of apps they dont use, present in their User Interface.

However, since the release of Nextcloud12 and introduction of icon that already hides extra applications (above 7) this might be less annoying to some.
We’ll look into that, do some last checks this week and see how to proceed about it. We’ll keep you posted in this thread.

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