Onlyoffice instead of Ethercalc and Etherpad

Dear Disroot team,
I just want to know if you will ever replace ethercalc or etherpad with Onlyoffice or any other service like that?

Onlyoffice does not support our encryption we use on nextcloud:

We are are experimenting with collabora, but this will take some time and form first tryouts it’s not performing good enough in our opinion.

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Is it possible to deploy


Hmmm… Interesting. Never heard about it. Something to consider in the future but at this moment we are not planning on deploying new services. We are quite busy at the moment with what we have, plus we need to work on optimizing existing setup and possibly deploy more servers (hardware) before we can offer new stuff.

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It is a privacy focus , decentralized and beautiful alternative for google docs,

I can understand , Please consider it for future.

Thank You,

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Definatelly. i should check if the guys would consider some sort of integration (similar to what does). That would be awesome.

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most of FOSS provider go with Collabora, I’m not a huge fan but, why not

We tested Collabora and its un-usable. It’s terribly slow as it’s basically vnc of libreoffice. It thefore requires insane spec server for use such as disroot, specially that unlike onlyoffice most of the heavy lifting is done on server side. We have tested it in the past (about half a year ago) and the results were terrible.

We do keep an eye on development and check the performance of it every now and then, but really it’s nowhere near usable on deployments other then home server or small office setting.
Not sure where you get the info that most FOSS projects go collabora.

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