OpenPGP greyed out


I am trying to encrypt sensitive information in an e-mail, to a company that has its own encryption key.

I have imported the key successfully (although they have something called “Fingerprint”, “Long ID” and “Short ID”, that I am not sure what does to be exact). The OpenPGP option however, keeps being greyed out. It says in parenthesis (Plain Text Only). How can I encrypt it?

As an added bonus, if you know how to do that then you might know what they mean: they say that I have to encrypt both the e-mail and the picture, which I just assume would be done as soon as I attach it to an encrypted e-mail, but the parenthesis worries me in that regard.

Might I add, it was greyed out before and after attaching a file.

It means you need to switch the composer to plain text mode and not html mode the icon to the left like in the picture

However it looks like attachements are not encrypted by default. See this link
We are planning to replace the current webmail soon for something with better support for gpg (mailpile and/or roundcube) but that does not help you at the moment.

Dispite everything, I would still advice to use native client when doing gpg encryption. Not only its more secure, better integrated with the operating system, it keeps your private key which is vital to decrypt emails sent to you, private and secure. In case of webmail gpg support, keys are stored in browsers local storage. This means that if you clear the browser, use different computer, or browser, your key will not be available and thus you will loose the ability to decrypt messages.

Forgot to add. you can use thunderbird for quite good gpg support or k9 with open keychain on android.

Ah, thank you for answering this question! It was driving me nuts as to why I couldn’t get a PGP signature on my email. So simple, when you know what to do.