Operating system projects

Does anyone here know of any operating system projects that are currentl going on and are not BSD-Kernel-based or Linux-based.

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OS written in Rust programming language. Everything, is not a file!


ReactOS which is basically an open source alternative to windows. They reverse engineered the windows kernel. More info at https://reactos.org


Why someone would want to run a windows system ? masochist ? :joy:


They are still ppl living out there who want to use open source windows :wink:

I see redox os has a scope


React OS, from when I last tried it, was actually pretty nice.

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I wonder what exactly it will end up as though… Could it really replace compete with Linux as an open source desktop? Surely not on servers?

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GuixSD which is essentially what GNU has been trying to do this whole time and Linux just happened to have a handy kernal ready to go.

My personal favorite hope to see a rebirth of Lisp OS’s is https://github.com/froggey/Mezzano

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I plan to go to school for computer engineer. Then I will be writing my entire os from scratch in go lang. (people always tell me this is not a good idea) But it’s what i want to do. I find the current plan9/BSD/Linux all the same in some way or another. and it annoys me. hint my motivate for a os that’s not bsd/linux etc.

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https://gitlab.com/NetaLabTek/MELAOS Realizado por unos compas y yo, aún es un LFS, que por cierto esta en .tar.xz dentro de la carpeta Bases.

Ya sé que está basado en el kernel linux pero quería hacer algo de propaganda (spam).

Sistemas operativos que conozco y cumplen lo que dices son:

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Woops, accidentally deleted my post.

I’d do my own OS, I’m just not sure what languages they tend to be programmed in. As of yet, I only know how to build a web page, and manipulate my existing system with Ruby.

I have specific aspects I’m wanting: A minimalist design that I can still add custom applications to the menu. I want most my programs to be in a language style that I can read, which means code that looks like English, not gibberish.

I’m also wanting the network option to be exclusively IPFS. Which I’m not sure is an operating system thing.

Now by minimalist, I mean that while the toolbar has a gradient, it also has transparency settings and the ability to resize your menu. And hide your desktop icons.

Oh and GNUPG and other cryptographic tools come preinstalled like in Tails.

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It still uses Linux, but is designed to work on “hurd”

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NodeOS - https://node-os.com/

Oops, sorry! This is based off of Linux kernel.

Is a lean KDE qt5 plasma distro.
Rolling Release. X64. Built from scratch.

From France. Libre’d to hell! & Free as fcUK!!

Based on Debian 10.
Pretty Sweet.