Opinions on what the EU is doing?

Going through the Disroot blog and found this: Blog | Disroot
This provided an article which can be found here: Chat Control – Patrick Breyer

What will disroot do if this happens?

First of all, Disroot is in NL, where a developer of Tornado Cash was arrested. Sad, but that’s reality.
EU is getting less and less free, as in MiCA for crypto, where “unhosted” wallets are seen as bad/suspicious. This is crazy, asking you to share the sec-key of your key pair, which doesn’t make sense at all.
As for messaging, we don’t really need to use any e2e provider (which can be controlled by governments/regulators). Just encrypt locally, using your local secret key. Then a true e2e is trivially possible. Practical problems include:

  1. your friend with whom you want to chat, may not be good at things like PGP
  2. eventually, using PGP (without key escrow) might become illegal - this would be a real serious problem. But realistically this wouldn’t be enforceable. It’s just mathematical operations, like power mod (classical) or discreet log (elliptic), and I don’t think they can illegalize math. Plus, there are many ways to send messages using steganography, e.g. seemingly as random noise on a normal looking Jpeg picture…perhaps even with mathematical “deniability” where you can just say “it’s just random noise. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” and they can’t prove steganography. So ultimately, technology will “win” except this is going to be inconvenient, obviously.