Other users' tags in nextcloud tag list


I’m new to disroot and nextcloud but I love it so far and would like to thank everyone involved for this great service!

I have stumbled upon a weird problem: when I tag photos or bookmarks, I get a huge list of tag suggestions that are obviously from other users, some even in other languages and I saw one tag that included a username. Not only is it hard to find my own tags in such a big list but I really wouldn’t like my tags to be visible to other users, since they might contain personal information like names etc. I suppose this is a nextcloud bug, could somebody please look into this and possibly disable it?

Thanks a lot!

Nextcloud tags currently are global. That means they are visible to all users. It is a problem which hopefully will be addressed in near future.
We’ll check if a feature request has been submitted and if not we’ll make one.

Thank you very much! I hope Nextcloud will fix this soon.