Outgoing emails are blocked by a Spamhaus alert.

Hi all…

I’ve earlier mailed in an issued about my emails sometimes get classified as spam at the reciever (Ticket#883462). I didn’t hear if it was solved or not.

However, today I got an alert when sending mail: about “Spamhaus”…

Tried to send another mail to myself (from disroot to another mail account) - same thing. Incoming mails seems to work though.

One of the tips on the Spamhaus page, was to make sure I have SMTP-auth. I have that (Auth method: Normal password, Conn: STARTTLS).

78.78.x.x is not listed in the SBL

78.78.x.x is listed in the PBL, in the following records:


78.78.x.x is not listed in the XBL

ref: PBL1561453

Client: Thunderbird/OS X

· Eric F

Can you check if it works now?

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Thank you so much! It worked fine now. :thumbsup: