Owncloud bug + upgrade?

I’ve been really jonesing to get out of the googr docs ecosystem, and was rly rly hoping to do it with owncloud… unfortunately I have this problem where, if my internet connection is spotty, the whole thing will sort of trip up and it’ll take a line that I’d recently typed and just duplicate it all to hell. Sometimes only once or twice, but sometimes dozens of times. It got so bad that I had to stop using the service altogether. :\

I’m posting this here because the owncloud team seems pretty… unconcerned with hearing from non-developers, their process for bug reporting is completely unintelligible to someone like me. I don’t know if it’s DR’s implementation of the software or what anyways, but I don’t really have any leg to stand on since its not my install.

The other thing is when are we going to get owncloud 9? (It might have a fix for the above problem, idk.)

Hi lokeen,
I understand your pain. I am struggling with the same problems which made me stop using documents feature of owncloud (i rather use libre office with owncloud client for upload or etherpad for collaborative editing). This issue has been reported numerous times to owncloud team as it affects pretty much everyone using it. At the moment the best alternative out there is etherpad (pad.disroot.org).

As for owncloud9. We are currently testing compatibility of all apps we are using at disroot. We are planning to release it, during platform update/maintenance on 1st april (no joke)

If after update to oc9 the issue will still be there we will once again put some pressure on owncloud devs.

In the meantime we are also looking into alternative solutions such as “libre office online”, or etherpad with group support and private pads integrated with disroot account.


I will try to reproduce the issue so I have logs in place etc. To my understanding it happens at random, but maybe you found a way to reproduce it. Can you share some details on that?
Do you use owncloud client at the same time?
Do you work with someone else on that documents at the same time (are the documents shared)?
Is it strictly related to your internet connection dropping?

Maybe we can pin-point the issue and if not solve it, at least give enough information back to owncloud team.
(something tells me it might be related to cache or synchronization of documents).

Seems to be connected to dropping connection. Removing my LAN plug several times while typing in the text seemed to mess it up. The documents doesnt have to be shared.

Ugh, that’s so frustrating. I hope 9 fixes it.

I’ve tried etherpad, but a huge drawback with that is that I can’t copy and paste - which, to their credit (I guess?), is a bug I have reported and a lot of other people have confirmed too. I hope that one gets fixed too. I don’t collaborate very often, but I do need to be able to have access to editable documents from any device, anywhere. (I’m a writer.)

I’m afraid I can’t really replicate the issue, but even when I’m not taken explicitly offline the problem happens. Say, if my wifi bars show 3 instead of 5, it’s still enough for things like Slack to consider it “disconnected” and owncloud will too. My up/down speeds are probably abysmal when it’s like that, but I can’t imagine that it’s 0mbps every time? Idk.

There’s been some changes to “Documents” app for owncloud 9 so I hope it will get fixed too. We will monitor this issue closely after updating to owncloud 9 because indeed this issue is very very frustrating and most importantly can lead to corrupted, un-recoverable documents (managed to corrupt one document last days when reproducing your issue)

Strange as I can easily copy paste within the pads and form external sources. What browser do you use? Could you send the link to your bug report?

As I mentioned above, I managed to reproduce the bug so it’s already something. If the issue is related to our setup, hopefully we will find the solution and otherwise hope owncloud devs will.