Owncloud to Nextcloud?

Hey. Nextcloud looks pretty rat. :slight_smile:

It is out!

Nextcloud 10 is available now, with many unique new features and
capabilities beyond what we talked about in our Beta blog last month. The
beta brought, as highlights, plugin based Two Factor Authentication and
brute force protection, SAML authentication updates and more. Our final
release added new capabilities around handling workflows with automated
tagging and the File Access Control app. We wrote a blog about this.
We also introduced a monitoring app (and worked with the OpenNMS project on
support for that), UI improvements and more. Read all about it in our

As a bonus, we also released our desktop clients, which you can get on our
install page. https://newsletter.nextcloud.com//lt.php?id=YkxaSQUHSFMNAAA
Community member Hagen Graf did a great blog on upgrading and using the

Huge Conference News

We also have Conference news: we just announced two amazing keynote
speakers: Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, and
Karen Sandler, Executive Director at the Software Freedom Conservancy and
former director of the GNOME foundation.
We’ve published our program for the Focus Friday around enterprise and
large scale use of Nextcloud
and the program for the rest of the week is becoming more clear.

Talking of Friday: we have a surprise in store for the visitors of the
conference on the 16th. We’ll be launching a very cool new product together
with two partners of ours. What it is? Sorry, you have to wait two more
weeks to find out! Time to register:

Much more!

There has been much more news, some of the most interesting of which

I hope you enjoyed this newsletter! As always, please let me know if you
have any feedback or questions.



Definitely. Seems like everything landed in the right place with nextcloud. All core developers have moved, most of community and app developers also. THeir open aproach is attracting more users and potential devs, and the developement pase is outstanding.

I have been testing nextcloud at my work place as we’re trying to find good replacement for google docs and all other corpo crap, and I have to say I’m very happy with new development. I like the UI tweaks and general direction the project is taking. I’ve also tested collabora app, but I’m not too impressed with it. Mainly due to the fact only one person at the time can edit the document. I hope this is only temporary hack and guys at collabora will work on proper collaboration in near future. Apart form that it’s a fast, responsive and decent piece of software. Still need to test spreed.me asI failed to install it on my first attempt (meet jitsi won that battle).

Generally I definitely advice everyone who wasn’t move from owncloud to nextcloud to do it asap because it’s simply worth it. I hope disroot will move soon, but first we need to finalize migration (had some roadblocks and so it’s taking slightly longer then we thought), and fix the mobile upload bug Cant download files via Android app (more about that in apropriate thread in a week or so). Our plan is to be able to jump on nextcloud ship by the end of september/first half of october.

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Awesome. Can’t wait for the migration.

Cool, sounds good. What does that imply for clueless users like me? I’m guessing new website to connect to, new downloads to my laptop, and resynching things on my phone?

Hi Noam. For end users nothing will change. Same website (slightly different ui), same sync links. We will advise to change desktop/mobile sync clients to nextcloud but they are very similar and the old owncloud clients will work just fine.

Hoi everyone.

We just started testing nextcloud and would like to share it with you. You can access it via https://cloudtest.disroot.org
If you have a minute please check it out and try to help us find problems issues, apps suggestions below.

!Note! Changes you make on that instance will not be saved when we officially move to nextcloud. This is for test purposes only.

New features so far:

  • You can now move around apps position in the menu (just drag and drop)
  • We disabled documents app and replaced it with Collabora (Libreoffice online) where you can view and edit all libreoffice/msOffice etc files.
  • Notes are back. Yes!
  • Xmpp client is working

Features still to come:

Collabora and encryption issue
Collabora does not work due to encryption used on our owncloud/nextcloud instance.

We wanted to introduce external storage feature where people could integrate their dropbox/gdrive into their cloud etc Without encryption this won’t be possible.

Also switching off the encryption might not be that easy technically (but doable), and it will be hard to:

  • inform users
  • make sure everyone is ok with it
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While awaiting for collabora issue to get fixed (doubt it will happen soon, though it is being worked on), we deployed Spread.ME for upcoming nextcloud. Check it out https://cloudtest.disroot.org/index.php/apps/spreedme

Nexcloud login page loks sexy.

It will look even sexier once @antilopa puts her hands on it :slight_smile:

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There’s not much bugs we could catch so far (tested almost everything). We will run few more tests today (eg. caldav/carddav on mobile) and will announce move (scheduled probably around tue/wed).

Is she the designer?

Awesome. That’s good to here. And how is the XMPP web client going?

You can check yourself. Login to test instance with your disroot credentials. Xmpp works. Plus now we have spreedme (audio video conference) and by the time we move we should have audio video in xmpp web client too :smiley:

Shes an admin plus she does most of the designing.

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Awesome. That souns great. What does spreedme do? Is it an extension to XMPP.

Cooleo. Sounds legit.

I’m the silent partner…
Working on being more present though :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Saturday/Sunday night (amsterdam time) we will switch to nextcloud \o/

… This time still without Collabora as the issue wasn’t solved. However, once this is fixed we will include it right away.

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