passman - password management with NextCloud is a free and open source password manager using NextCloud / OwnCloud which has been recommended to me. It can be used as a Firefox extension/add-on (there’s also a beta for android). Would disroot consider installing this? It could be a useful feature. Thanks!


Yes we are considering. It seems like the vaults are end-to-end encrypted so that takes off some of the responsibility from our shoulders.
We’ve been busy preparing for the release of other features now, but we should start testing it next week so we’ll invite you to test if you like.

I like! Thanks for the info.

Could you make passman an optional extension?

Example, some people might already be using other extensions for Nextcloud, such as Keeweb or Bitwarden.

After long discussions between admins and with some of disrooters on matrix, we have decided against hosting password manager.

The reasons are simple. We find this to be too much of a responsibility and preasure that we dont want to carry.

The security stand point is one thing, and although passman does encrypt end to end, we have to be 100% sure there are no possible flaws in the code, exploits etc.

The other part is the fact passman does not keep copy of passwords locally on device. So if for some reason data on our servers gets corrupt or in anyway inaccessible, we will be responsible for users losing important passwords in case they did not keep a backup (which is hard to do with passman).

This responsability adds another level of preasure during extended downtime (i.e. system maintenance and updates). While the service is temporarily inaccecible people will be unable to e.g.: login to your bank to pay bills or any other services your life depends on.

Of course you can still use our service to store passwords (whether plain text, keepass and other), but that is your own decission which also gives you option to keep backups and most importantly isn’t a service we offer, promote or maintain.

I hope everyone understands our decission and can live with it.