Password Manager

How about disroot providing password management service using Bitwarden available at “”?

Bitwarden is a free software (as in freedom) and de-centralised.

Data inside bitwarden vault are sealed with end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256.

Bitwarden has Web App, Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps and Browser Extensions.





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Bitwarden is not decentralized.

Clients connect to 1 host.

But I like bitwarden.
If you trust bitwarden as software, the makers of it do provide hosting.

How come it’s not decentralised? There can be any number of instances of Bitwarden Vault as there can be any number of instances of Diaspora.

because your password databse is only stored on 1 instance

muppeth has replied to similar topic before,

The reasons are simple. We find this to be too much of a responsibility and preasure that we dont want to carry.

If you are looking for password managers then try KeePassXC or Pass. You can sync those with Nextcloud or Syncthing, IMO go for KeePass there are many clients that you can use with it, there is also KeeWeb to access the database in your browser.

Yeah of course. But I can share my passwords with users of other instances if i wanted to, which is a team management feature. Like my nextcloud files are in my instance only. Decentralized need not be Distributed as well.


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I didn’t find any information regarding that, can you share the source?

Sorry, you are right. I misread the information at It’s “sharing” across organisation only.