password troubles

This Disroot is great but a bit overwelming too with all them different apps. I do have passwords for several apps like Diaspora, and others at,,, Now I am a lazy person and had my login credentials saved in a browser. I use several browsers. I did some happy browsing mainly on Diaspora for a time. Then one day, my browser did not open up Diaspora in my account. I had to log in manually. But I had forgotten the password. I had the urge to send a mail about it at But first you have to give all your credentials to but I could’nt. So I asked help from of course. I got 3 questions but I could not remember 3 answers so bad luck. I forgot about it for some time.
Then I noticed a browser signed me in on Diaspora again. Nice! Immediately I changed my password and wrote it down. I noticed the password for most apps is the same. But not for this forum, which I had not signed up for yet. And unfortunately also not for the email. So I guess I have to sign up for a new email account isn’t it?
Anyway, thanks for reading.

Its all pretty simple.
There is one username and password you create at and that you can use to access all the services except for diaspora.

Diaspora has a speperate authentication mechanism and does require seperate account.
This forum works both with seperate account (which you can create on forum interface) and with disroot account if you use “Login with DisrootID” button.

To change password for diaspora you need to use diaspora interface. To change the general disroot account password you need to do it from

To change disroot password you need to know the answers (basically never forget password, use things like qtpass or xkeepass to save them). This is because we do not want to collect any extra data from you like your other email accounts and such.

Also loosing password will lock you out from your files on the cloud!
So just simply dont loose it.

Thanks! My problem boils down to the fact that the exact answers to the 3 password questions are to hard to remember. My favourite dish can be spelled in many ways, and I don’t really have one… :slight_smile: It would be nice if I could compose my own particular question, in my own language and words. Would be easier to remember and harder to crack I suppose. Anyway, I retrieved my password so that’s solved. Thanks again!

I strongly advise to:

  1. Never forget your password in the first place (you will loose all the files you upload to the cloud)
  2. Use Password manager such as keepassx, qtpass or keeweb . That will allow you to store your username, password and your questions/answers in a safe way.

In the beginning all questions/answers were set to be composed by default, but many people disliked it, and so we did only one such question.

Generally instead of “real answers” to the questions, you should basically generate random strings that you then save somewhere safe (password manager i mentioned above or even on paper hidden in your sock-drawer). So that in case of amnesia (you should pick a password you will remember) you could retrieve it.