Payment processing fees (donations)

Hey :slight_smile: Which of the donation methods would get the highest percentage of money accross? My initial thought would have been bank transfer.

If you are located in a SEPA member country, then yes - bank transfers only add 0,15EUR per transaction. (While Paypal and the others take about 0,30EUR per transaction plus a percentage of total amount.)

thank you :slight_smile:

just curious, where do the 0,15€ come from? Are SEPA transfers not usually free of charge?

btw I specifically asked because a different project told me that bank transfers would end them up with less money due to taxes and administrative fees.

I guess it depends where you are and which bank you are using. SEPA transfers from or to individual accounts are free I believe, but as a company or organization our bank charges 0,15EUR on fee/administrative costs. Tax wise it might make a different if we had la large capital on our bank account but I don’t really know to be honest, we need an proper accountant in this project :stuck_out_tongue:

So, ideally, one should make yearly SEPA donations?

Do you store the info you get from that? (The correlation user to real name)

Slightly related:
With all those references to coffee, I’m surprised ko-fi isn’t available as a donation option :innocent:

Yes, SEPA and yearly donations are less costly for us.

As for the info we get, as stated in our Privacy Policy available here, when a user makes an online donation to, we collect personal data such as, but not limited to, username (if any), country (in case of extra storage request for tax purposes), transaction IDs or bank account/reference. The purpose for which we use this data is merely administrative (verification of regular donations, accounting management).

the banks are billionaires do not have the money that we put on them. but thanks to the fees, taxes and services that are added to the accounts, including savings.