Payment provider klarna

Hey someone take a look at klarna.

It is an european payment provider (based in sweden) with support for these contries: belgium, germany, italy, netherlands, spain, uk, austria, poland, switzerland.

Maybe that is an alternative to stripe/paypal.
I did use it myself to buy things online. I like the service.
But yes it is obviously not privacy minded. It is a payment provider :stuck_out_tongue:

Klarna has bad reputation at least in Finland and I think many people try to avoid it as much as possible:

  • giving personal details with little to no-confirmation, assuming the person has ever used Klarna.
  • at one point asked for web bank usernames and passwords which naturally mustnโ€™t ever be given to third parties.
  • often wants money that has already been paid, difficulties with resolving issues.

okay I to did some research and it seems hit or miss. Users report either 5 stars mostly or 1 star mostly. 2-4 star ratings are much less.