PGP keypair gets deleted after loggin out of webmail

Every time I generate a keypair, when I log out and close the browser and log back in I see the keypair is gone. Where is the keypair stored? Is it stored in my browser because I use containers and clear all data when I close Firefox.


Of course it is stored in the browser otherwise it would make little sense to upload private key to the server.

oh damn, I thought it was like Protonmail where you encrypt everything with your password.

Nope. We are working currently on a project called Lacre. It will be a mailbox encryption which uses gpg key to encrypt all incoming emails. Also we are slowly migrating now to roundcube for webmail. Rainloop’s implementation of gpg is good for the on the go situation, but I would not use it for primary gpg client, unless of course you have a backup of you gpg key.